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We’ll perform all of this so it meets your town codes and is safe and secure. For many your home is your single biggest investment and we treat that with the care and trust you place in us. Some of our Services include: Plumbing; Electrical; Painting and general repairs; Deck design and construction; Window and Door Installation; Three-Season room construction.

Let us share a little secret with you.
As a home-owner, have you noticed how one project tends to create another? It’s a common situation when DIY projects are taken on by homeowners. Getting a project done on your budget and schedule is a job all by its self and that’s why hiring professionals to increase your home’s beauty and usefulness is so important.

At JT Remodeling and Construction we’re trained and experienced multi-trade craftsmen. That means when we meet with customers and listen to what you want to accomplish, most often you have a vision of what you want it to look like in the end. So, while you’re interest is in the final “look and function”, we’re taking time to examine all the steps on how to get you there with quality and professional service.

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Meet The Owner

With more than 20 years in the industry, we have the experience and professional expertise to handle your home repair and renovation projects.

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer, John Gray took time early in his career to work and invest in rental property. Having owned dozens of homes at a time, he understands the dual needs of home-owners as well as property management companies.

As an experienced carpenter, electrician and plumber John has used his decades’ of knowledge to help numerous owners redesign their space and truly enjoys delivering on his promise of integrity and customer satisfaction. Two of John’s favorite projects are Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling. With new advances in technology for fixtures and cabinetry, there’s just something about taking an out-dated space and making it “brand new” that’s very satisfying.

You know that when you have a get together with family or friends the kitchen is often the center point. Let JT Remodeling and Construction make it as beautiful as it is useful!

Worth a Thousand Words

We, We can TELL you our work is top-quality and reliable all day long. But how we show you? Click on our Photo-Gallery and see the kind of work we deliver for our customers to enjoy!

New door installation, Kitchen and Bath remodeling, Plumbing, Electrical Decks and more. Look close. If you just hate having cold floors, you also find samples of our radiant heat flooring work. This has become a very popular feature in recent years!

Come on in and let us know how we can help you!

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